I’ve gone by several names in my lifetime:

Maelyn is my full name, but lately I’ve started to go by Mae.

After running from God and refusing to go home to Dallas, that’s exactly where I ended up. Each day I learn to love myself, this city and Jesus Man more, and I’d like to share what I learn with you. The King daily tells me, “Mae, be. Be where I place you, flourish with what I give you, walk worthy and live humbly and love deeply.”

So I guess you can call me Mae, be?

I like to write about:

  • Faith – the center of my life and well-being
  • Daily – the day-to-day minutia of simply being human
  • Travel – ironically, I thrive the most in unfamiliar places
  • Wellness – as a woman with bipolar, I am strongly support holistic health: mind, body & Spirit

When I’m not writing, I’m:

  • Jamming out on my green ukulele, Duke
  • Sipping coffee at a local shop
  • Consuming all of Emporium Pies Smooth Operator
  • Petting every puppy I meet at the Dallas Farmers Market
  • Accidentally burning popcorn