About Mae:

My name is Maelyn. I hail from Dallas, Texas but am originally adopted from a tiny village in China. I’m a legal specialist by day and a blogger/writer/creative after work hours. I consider myself a nomad, having lived in five cities in the past five years, but I’m in Dallas to stay — for now.

As a young 20-something, I like to call myself a half-ass adult. I still procrastinate doing laundry and I use dry shampoo far too regularly. I burn popcorn more often than I’d like to admit, and I am a proud frequenter of Taco Tuesday.

I do my best to love God and love His people, though I’m grateful for grace when I fail. Thank you for taking a peek at my life, I hope you like what you read.

About The Blog:

Call Me Mae Be branched off of my former blog, Laughter, Love and God. After undergoing major life changes that included graduating from Baylor, being diagnosed with a mental illness and moving back to Dallas, the old page didn’t seem to fit my new lifestyle.

This is a space where I share how I approach my faith, seek holistic wellness and savor life’s in-between moments.

It’s less than a novel, but more than a diary. It’s a place for honest, transparent and bold discussion. It’s a halfway point for us to share our life stories: the good, the bad and in-between.